Democratize Strategy

Viewken makes Strategy simple, saving ideators time, money, and effort

Viewken is Democratizing Strategy

Viewken is “democratizing strategy”, providing a platform for ideators to make and communicate better strategic decisions. It provides a digital platform to build a strategy and charter a path for growth and innovation.

The platform is designed to help identify opportunity and foresee roadblocks through each aspect of the business, allowing business owners and strategists to make educated decisions sooner in the process.

Based on market leading strategy frameworks, combined with machine learning and a simple guided questionnaire, Viewken provides a flexible strategy solution without the cost and inconvenience of strategy consulting.

Creating Results

Viewken removes the shroud of secrecy around strategy. Instead of using ‘buzzy’ terms and complex frameworks, Viewken asks simple and straight forward questions. As the user selects their answer, context aware questions will appear, taking the user through a thought exercise that is unique to them and their business.

Upon completion of the questions, the user will be provided with outputs that communicate the path forward in a simple and intuitive way. This is useful not only for the user, but as a presentation and communication tool for the rest of the business.

If things change down the road, that is quite alright. Viewken is designed to be a living document of your strategy, developing as you and your company grow, and as the market around you changes.

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